Pond hosts first Vyshyvanka Day

The initiative is promoted by the ID-humana group, which emerged on February 28, 2022, in Lagoa

Lagoa will host the first Vyshyvanka Day, organized by the ID-humana group in partnership with the Municipality of Lagoa, on the 20th of May, in the Auditorium and Cloister of the Centro Cultural Convento de São José. The event starts at 17:00.

Vyshyvanka Day is an international day that aims to preserve Ukrainian folk traditions of creating and wearing embroidered ethnic clothing called vyshyvankas.

The date is different each year as it is celebrated on the third Thursday of May.

The initiative is promoted by the ID-humana group, which emerged on February 28, 2022, in Lagoa, with the creation of the Support Center for Ukraine.

“Since then, we have continued to support not only Ukrainian migrants, but also migrants from other countries, even overseas. In this sense, and realizing that there is still a lot of work to be done, the group intends to officially register and set up a non-profit organization, the Centro das Comunidades, whose main objective is to develop social and cultural projects that consolidate equal rights and opportunities among all citizens, guaranteeing social and cultural development», explain the promoters.

«We are committed to launching and implementing initiatives that stimulate, reveal and support the culture of peoples, here and abroad», they add.

In this first celebration, the objective is also to «bring communities together», so the organization challenges to «wear a Vyshyvanka!». This traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt is the «spiritual armor to defend freedom, dignity and Ukrainian values ​​of the free world».

The young band of Ukrainian traditional music, the «Lita» band, will perform at the party.

Although still young, the Lita carry in their voices all the wisdom of their ancestors.

«In an inexplicably powerful vibration, they have the ability to make us connect with our Ukrainian origins. Polyphonic songs about love, fate and humour. They are songs collected in ethnographic expeditions that promise to touch the soul and make the heart smile. – Master class Traditional Ukrainian Singing The most traditional, and also the most effective, way to experience authentic singing is through active participation in your oral learning. By learning old songs, you will have the opportunity to feel the power of Ukrainian music, carved over centuries, through your own voice».

Hretchaneke, balamut, oira, hopak are the names of some of the dances that will be guided during this workshop.

The band consists of Lita Kateryna Sidelnykova, Sofiia Tsyvinska, Ivanna Korzh (vocals, flutes, violin and bass), Danylo Kliutsko (bandura, vocals and percussion) and Denys Stetsenko (dance choreographer and violin).