ISMAT promotes Sports Week in Portimão

Event organized by students of the 3rd year of the Degree in Sport Sciences

The Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes (ISMAT), located in Portimão, organizes from the 5th to the 10th of June another edition of the Sports Week, an initiative aimed at lovers of Physical Exercise, Sports Training and Physical Education.

The initiative will be attended by important ambassadors – Rui Batalau, Ana Reyes, Mário Rolla, Frederico Raposo, Carla Malveiro, Paulo Antunes, Carlos Almeida, Paulo Paixão, Paulo Duarte, Paulo Sousa, Luís Brito, Carlos Gordinho, Nuno Rodrigues, Cândida Pereira, Joana Cabrita, José Marques, Luís Costa, among others.

With the main focus on the three areas mentioned (Physical Exercise, Sports Training and Physical Education), this year's edition gives special emphasis to the High Performance Center of Vila Real de Santo António (through a study visit), Adapted Sport and to the organization of a Solidarity March, in co-organization with the Teia D'Impulsos Association, and the amounts obtained will revert in full to the Vela Solidária Project.

In addition to this solidarity march, the event organized by students of the 3rd year of the Degree in Sport Sciences, also has several activities, such as conferences (Adapted Sports and School Physical Education) and lectures (A Realidade de um Sonho), practical workshops (The training in Modern Football, Weightlifting, First Aid, Outdoor Physical Exercise, Motivation 3.0, Exercise during Pregnancy and Postpartum and Sitting Volleyball), presentation of books (Assessment and Prescription of Exercise in Conditions and Populations and Specials) and an Inter -classes (Volleyball).

“It is with immense satisfaction that the Degree in Sport Sciences brings together, in a single week, so many distinguished colleagues from different areas and dimensions of sports practice, driven by a common goal: to promote Sport and its benefits for Education, for Health and for a happier Society”, says Rui Batalau, director of the Degree at ISMAT, in Portimão.

The recipients of this event are Sports students, 1st Cycle teachers, Physical Education teachers, coaches, Physical Exercise professionals, ISMAT teachers, Secondary Education and IEFP students, parents and guardians Education and the wider community.

The event is face-to-face and takes place at ISMAT in Portimão, as well as in public facilities provided by the various partners of the University.

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