Man suspected of selling heroin, cocaine and MDMA arrested in Vila do Bispo

The detainee was remanded in custody

A 36-year-old man was arrested in flagrante delicto for drug trafficking, in Vila do Bispo, on Friday, April 28, and saw the GNR seize hundreds of doses of heroin, cocaine and MDMA.

Following an investigation, which had been going on for months in the Sagres area, the Núcleo de Investigação Criminal (NIC) of Portimão of the GNR, identified the suspect and realized that he was selling drugs «in several places in the municipality of Vila do Bispo and neighboring municipalities ».

On Friday, an operation was carried out that allowed the suspect to be caught with drugs in his possession, "which led to his arrest in the act".

In the two house searches and one in a vehicle that were subsequently carried out by the GNR, 524 doses of heroin, 371 doses of cocaine, 1,5 grams of MDMA, a vehicle, six bottles of nitrous oxide, a cutting product (211 grams of sodium bicarbonate and 300 grams of creatine), a knife and a scale "with drug residue", five mobile phones and 1 euros in cash.

The man will await trial in pre-trial detention.