Exercise involving 300 operators takes place in Aljezur, Monchique and Odemira

The exercise will take place tomorrow, the 26th of May, between 6:00 am and 18:00 pm, and will have the Operational Command Post at the Odeceixe Football Field

Firefighters – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The usual final exercise that «closes the demanding preparation process» of the Special Device for Combating Rural Fires (DECIR) in the Algarve will this year be nationwide, announced the Regional Command for Emergency and Civil Protection (CREPC).

The exercise will take place tomorrow, May 26, between 6 am and 00 pm, involving the municipalities of Aljezur, Monchique and Odemira, in a «fictional scenario of highly complex rural fire».

The Operational Command Post, the director of operations, will operate at the Odeceixe Football Field (Aljezur).

According to CREPC, the “DECIRALEX'23” exercise will have as its main objective “to test the articulation between the different levels of Civil Protection action and the coordination between the Regional and Sub-regional Emergency and Civil Protection Commands, territorially competent, in an event supra-regional dimension'.

More than 300 operatives from the different forces and services of the Integrated Protection and Rescue Operations System (SIOPS) participate in the exercise, «combining the training of operational command post teams at the strategic level and the practical development of suppression and protection actions in the dimension of tactical command and manoeuvre, promoting the technical improvement of intervention teams».

Since «it will be the moment to “put to the test” all the planning carried out in recent months», the exercise will be conducted by the National Command of Emergency and Civil Protection, «as if it were a real situation, with movement of means of the different Civil Protection agents and cooperating entities, which are part of the Integrated Management System for Rural Fires».

CREPC highlights «the commitment of 209 firefighters, spread across 49 multi-purpose teams from the Algarve and Alentejo.

The Operational Command Post will be located at the Odeceixe Football Field, where the Tactical Command Center (CETAC) of the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection will be installed.

Its operation will be the responsibility of the Algarve Regional Operational Command Post Team, which is the «first in the country formatted to manage complex operations».