Boliqueime students promote local traditions with exhibition and performances

On the 25th of May, at 21:00, at the Municipal Museum of Loulé

“Traditions: life, art and reflections – Os Maios” is the name of the cultural project of Escola Básica Prof. doctor Aníbal Cavaco Silva, from Boliqueime, who, together with the Municipal Museum of Loulé, invites the population to visit an exhibition and to attend various performances on the 25th of May, at 21:00, at the museum.

The event is part of the XNUMXst Culture and Education Biennial – Retrovisor: a History of the Future, which began in March and runs until June, throughout the national territory, and results from the partnership between the School and the Museum within the scope of the Ponto de Encontro initiative, which aims to promote the articulation of actions and projects between schools and municipal cultural facilities in Loulé, "in a structured and continuous way".

“Traditions: life, art and reflections – Os Maios” praises “the local traditions of cultural and intangible heritage through the celebration of thematic dates throughout the year, based on the construction and animation of typical Algarve puppets “Os Maios”, and using to various forms of artistic expression such as theatre, visual arts, dance and music».

In addition, the project aims to explore the gastronomic traditions and uses and customs of the Algarve region through theatrical and musical shows, exhibitions and workshops of an artistic scope and curricular articulation.

«Considering that cultural institutions are educational territories par excellence and that educational institutions are privileged cultural centres, this initiative by the National Plan for the Arts and Loulé City Council with schools and cultural institutions aims to support the opportunity to develop or reinforce the cooperation between both", clarifies Lina Fields, cIntermunicipal coordinator of the National Arts Plan.