One year later, UAlg Tec Campus is «fundamental» for the region

«This first year has proved that the UAlg Tec Campus plays an important role in boosting the regional business fabric»

The UAlg Tec Campus – Business Accelerator of the University of Algarve celebrated its first anniversary on the 29th of March and is already «fessential for the region's economic and technological development.

Francisco Serra, president of the Algarve Systems and Technology Partnership Association (Algarve STP), highlights the favorable environment and collaboration between Algarve STP and UAlg in the management of this infrastructure, which has contributed to strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

On the one hand, «the University of the Algarve, as an institution of higher education, plays a fundamental role in the development of scientific and technological knowledge, as well as in the training of highly qualified professionals».

On the other hand, «the Algarve STP Association is an entity that aims to promote technological partnerships for research and innovation, as well as support its members in various processes of infrastructure management, business development and internationalization», highlights Francisco Serra.

With the technical and financial support offered by UAlg Tec Campus, companies have had access to quality infrastructure, specialized mentoring, acceleration programs and R&D projects.

Other initiatives were also carried out that allow companies to highlight their innovative potential, incorporate advanced technologies, improving their competitiveness and conquering new markets, namely in the area of ​​environment and sustainability, renewable energies, geotechnology and space engineering, information and communication technologies , among others.

On balance, the UAlg Tec Campus says that it is already «fundamental for the promotion of economic and technological development in the Algarve region».

"By supporting start-ups and local entrepreneurs, the accelerator has contributed to strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region, creating new business opportunities and jobs», he adds.

At the international level, the UAlg Tec Campus has also sought to play a leading role.

«Firstly, we can highlight the partnership with other technology parks, such as the Parque Tecnológico de Málaga, which has been important for the installed companies, secondly, and from an internationalization perspective, we have received visits from business missions from other countries, namely Mexico and Brazil», contextualizes the president of Algarve STP.

The presence of the various companies in the accelerator also plays a highly relevant role in creating an entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem in the region.

In 2022, the 21 companies installed in the UAlg Tec Campus received 18 employees from the University of Algarve and a total of 34 interns, both within the scope of curricular internships and IEFP professional internships. In addition, 95% of the accelerated companies participated in different R&D projects, which not only allowed the existence of partnerships with international agencies, but also led to some of these companies being awarded prizes in technology competitions.

«This first year has proven that the UAlg Tec Campus plays an important role in boosting the regional business fabric, both through partnerships and access to projects and investment opportunities and even in the creation of new job opportunities», he concludes. Francisco Serra.