“Aqueducts of Portugal – Water and Heritage” arrive at the Costume Museum of São Brás de Alportel

Study and photographic survey of 21 of the oldest Portuguese aqueducts

The temporary exhibition “Aqueducts of Portugal – Water and Heritage”, by Pedro Inácio, is now on display until the end of May at the Museu do Traje de São Brás de Alportel.

This itinerant exhibition aims to publicize, nationally and internationally, the art and ingenuity of aqueducts within the scope of the Cultural Heritage of Water.

The photographs that make up this exhibition result from the study and photographic survey of 21 of the oldest Portuguese aqueducts.

As a result of the Roman cultural heritage, based on knowledge of architecture and hydraulic engineering, centuries later, important gravity water supply systems were built in our territory, fundamental for the development and progress of countless Portuguese towns and cities.

Among the selected aqueducts, only the one in Conímbriga was built in the XNUMXst century AD, during the Roman Empire.

The rest, some classified as World Heritage, date back to the XNUMXth, XNUMXth, XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

This itinerant photographic exhibition has been presented in different cultural facilities, contributing to the dissemination, nationally and internationally, of the art, ingenuity and mission of this important Cultural Heritage of Water.

In this context, it is with great pleasure that the EPAL Water Museum presents the photography exhibition “Aqueducts of Portugal-Water and Heritage”, at the Museum of Costume of S. Brás de Alportel, after having been presented at the Museum of Portimão.

Pedro Inácio was born in Lisbon, has a degree in Historical Sciences from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, a master's degree in Museology and Heritage from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He also has a postgraduate degree in Cultural Heritage Law from the Lisbon Faculty of Law.

He is a museologist and researcher in the area of ​​Cultural Heritage of Water, as well as curator of the EPAL Water Museum.

Vice-President of the Board of APOM-Portuguese Association of Museology, Vice-President of the General Assembly of APAI-Portuguese Association of Industrial Archaeology.

Author of several articles related to the Cultural Heritage of Water.

It has two books edited: "Aqueducts of Portugal, art and heritage", by EPAL in 2011, and "Cultural Heritage of Water- script of aqueducts", by the Municipality of Mafra, in 2021, which had the institutional support of the Commission UNESCO National.

He held several photography exhibitions dedicated to ancient water supply systems, in Portugal and abroad, namely in Algeria, South Korea, Spain, USA, France and Romania.

The virtual exhibition at the Museu do Traje de São Brás de Alportel is available by clicking here.