«Biggest edition ever» of the UAlg Careers Fair brought together 71 companies and 600 students

This is the sixth edition of the initiative, which has already become a consolidated brand


71 companies and around 600 students participated this Wednesday, March 15, in the «biggest edition ever» of the UAlg Careers Fair, a job fair whose main objective was to help University of Algarve graduates in the job market. 

In statements to the Sul Informação, Ilda Pedro, coordinator of the Alumni and Professional Opportunities Office at UAlg, said that the companies present «were from various areas» and some of them from outside the Algarve region.

«There were entities linked to the sectors of health, engineering, tourism, technologies, hotels, real estate, consulting, etc», he said.

In addition to the companies, nine institutional partners were also at the UAlg Careers Fair, such as the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training or Europe Direct.

Regarding the adherence of the academic community, it was also “very positive”. «Yesterday, we had 300 registrations on the platform and today we had many more at the door», said Ilda Pedro.

This is an initiative that can help fulfill some future expectations of UAlg students.

This is said by Laura Moreirinha, a 3rd year student of the Business Management degree course and a visitor to the job fair. For the finalist student, this was a great opportunity to find out about internship and job offers, as she approaches the job market.

Colleague Sofia Soeiro, a student of the same year and course, saw the «UAlg Careers Fair» as «an opportunity to connect with several companies, be able to stay abreast of summer jobs and get to know the job market better».

Also Bernardo Pegado, who attends the degree in Marine Biology, considered that this initiative is beneficial for students, but also for companies, which are looking for good employees and at UAlg they will be able to find them more qualified.

For Ilda Pedro, the UAlg Careers Fair is an already consolidated brand.

«This is an initiative awaited by students, but also by companies that always create great expectations. The labor market is having difficulties in recruiting human resources and all opportunities are being seized", he concluded, in statements to the Sul Informação.


Photos: Mariana Silva | Sul Informação


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