Aljezur met with Finance and Social Security due to migrants

Many of the immigrants come from the neighboring municipality of Odemira

The Chamber of Aljezur met with the security forces, parish councils, Finance and Social Security due to the "problems" that the "anomalous volume" of people, namely migrants, who seek public services in the municipality has caused . 

Many of these immigrants come from the neighboring municipality of Odemira, particularly in the parishes of S. Teotónio and Vila Nova de Milfontes.

According to the municipality, the «demand for public services», such as Finance and Social Security, «records numbers far above what is the capacity and availability of human resources for these services, being essentially caused by the referral that the public services of the municipality of Odemira do for the municipality of Aljezur».

«This anomalous situation, due to the volume of people accessing public services, has an impact not only on the lives of the population of Aljezur, who are forced to wait long, when they do not even give up being attended to», laments the municipality.

This demand also has an “impact on the workers of these services”, who are left with a “huge increase in the volume of work and number of daily assistances, without the capacity for all the other operations and activities inherent to a local public service”.

According to the municipality, there has also been registered, in some places of the municipality, «a concentration of migrant, floating population, as well as addresses systematically referenced as places of address to obtain certificates of residence».

In view of this, the Chamber says that it wants to “avoid permanent or temporary overcrowding of housing in Aljezur, as well as avoid the problems of exploitation to which these people are exposed at the hands of networks of trafficking and exploitation of human beings. and illegal businesses, like those that already operate» in Odemira.

The municipality guarantees that it wants to “stop and prevent the establishment of networks that live off the exploitation of human beings or that facilitate it, as well as to stop the development of illicit businesses and the undue occupation of the territory”.

Therefore, there will continue to be meetings with the entities that make up the Municipal Security Council and share responsibilities over the territory.