Deadline for reporting invoices and household ends today

Delivery of the IRS declaration or confirmation of the automatic declaration must be made between April 1st and June 30th.

Taxpayers have until today, February 27, to consult invoices with NIF for expenses incurred in 2022 and register those that are missing, this being also the last day to notify the household.

These are two of the steps for preparing the submission of the annual IRS return, which begins on April 01st, and which influence the amount of tax that each taxpayer has to pay or receive (via refund).

In the case of households, the deadline for reporting is usually set at 15 February, but the Government decided this year to extend it until today.

Taxpayers thus had another 12 days to update the composition of the household with the Tax and Customs Authority (AT), thus ensuring that the IRS assessment takes into account any changes that may have occurred during the past year.

This communication is particularly relevant in cases where, during the previous year, there were changes in the household following death, marriage, divorce, adoption or birth of children, change of parental agreement or change of permanent residence.

Without this updated information, AT will take into account the personal and family data contained in the IRS declaration submitted last year.

Updating the household can be done through the Finance Portal, this being the time to also indicate the situations in which the children exceed the age at which they are no longer considered dependents for the purposes of the IRS.

As with the household communication, the deadline for families with students displaced in educational establishments in an interior territory or autonomous region to communicate the respective expenses, including rents, has been extended until today.

It should be remembered that since 2019, there has been an increase in education expenses for students displaced in the interior or autonomous regions, for IRS purposes.

Today is also the last day for taxpayers to consult, confirm and register invoices for expenses incurred over the past year, as well as to channel those that were pending to the 'drawer' of the respective deduction.

Also in this case, the deadline 'slipped' two days, as this is usually a task that has to be completed by February 25th.

Since the IRS reform in 2015, IRS deductions are related to invoices for expenses incurred by taxpayers and to which they have associated their NIF.

Invoices therefore make it possible to reduce the amount of tax that each taxpayer has to pay, although in the case of expenses with education, health and housing it is possible to eliminate the deductible amount calculated and pre-filled by the Tributária e Aduaneira (AT) on the IRS declaration and indicate a different one based on the invoices that were kept and that have the NIF.

After this step of confirming invoices, taxpayers will still be able, from 16 to 31 March, to consult deductible expenses and complain about invoices/general family expenses.

The delivery of the IRS declaration or confirmation of the automatic declaration must be made between April 1st and June 30th.