PRR works in the Algarve are on schedule

Responsible met with various entities, such as the University of Algarve, mayors, business associations and companies, namely Hubel and Nautiber

Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação

Pedro Dominguinhos, president of the National Commission for Monitoring the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), was this Thursday and Friday, 16 and 17 February, in the Algarve, and left the region with one certainty: «in a global way», the planned investments «are in line with the plans». 

On this tour, the official met with various entities, such as the University of the Algarve, mayors, business associations and companies, namely Hubel and Nautiber.

Speaking to journalists, on the sidelines of a visit to Hubel, in Olhão, yesterday afternoon, Pedro Dominguinhos considered that «the different actors are having the capacity to present projects, to see them approved and to put them on the ground», giving as an example, a nursery, which is being built in Albufeira, and which he visited.

For the chairman of the PRR Monitoring Committee, what he saw «on the ground» allows him to state that, in the Algarve, «in a global way, investments are in line with planning».

In the region, some of the planned works, supported by the PRR, are, for example, the construction of the new bridge over the Guadiana, in Alcoutim, whose construction schedule is already known, Or the desalination plant.

In Pedro Dominguinhos' opinion, investments in «water management» are an «anchor» for the region, namely with the advance of desalination.

«We had the opportunity to talk about several of these investments, from the desalination plant, water efficiency or Pomarão. We made a specific point of view – many of these investments are in the environmental impact study phase, others are in tender”, considered the president of the PRR Monitoring Committee.


José Apolinário, president of CCDR do Algarve, and Pedro Dominguinhos – Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação



Another project planned for the Algarve is the construction of the much-desired Olhão variant to the EN125 which, assured Pedro Dominguinhos, «will come true».

«It is an investment that is meeting the scheduled deadline. It is a complete process, it will have seven roundabouts, but it is properly planned. There is now the next step, which is to launch the contest », he illustrated.

By 2026, all investments supported by the PRR must be made and the chairman of the Monitoring Committee also insisted that the deadlines «must be met», despite the «challenges at a legal and articulation level».

"If we don't meet the timings, we run the risk of having to return the money», he added.

But, on this journey, the official also heard concerns, namely from entrepreneurs.

«The issue of housing is one of the most important and, in the Algarve, it has a particular impact. Then there is also the question of seasonality, for which it is important that we try to find solutions within the rules we have”, he concluded.


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