“Campana” «seeks the sky» and the «depths of the earth» in S. Teotónio and Aljezur

Tickets are on sale

There will be “four characters, looking for the sky, but also for the depths of the earth”. “Campana” is the new circus show that promises to enchant São Teotónio (Odemira), starting on February 25th, but also Aljezur, in March: «it's like a fable, but without animals». 

“Campana” is a creation of one of the historic new circus companies.

These are the French Cirque Trottola, pioneers in this area, as Madalena Victorino, one of the programmers of “Lavrar o Mar” tells us.

«They are part of a generation that started with this new language, in which the circus no longer had animals to appear other things, such as acrobatics and stories», he tells the Sul Informação. 

And that is exactly what “Campana” will have.

The show will encompass music, acrobatics, mime and much more.


Magdalene Victorino


«They are four characters looking for the sky, but also the depths of the earth. It's a show that has something rural about it: so it fits very well in this territory», explains Madalena Victorino.

In S. Teotónio, “Campana” will be exhibited at the FACECO venue, on February 25th and March 4th (21 pm) and February 00th and March 26th (5 pm).

In Aljezur, the shows are scheduled for the Feiteirinha Industrial Park on March 11th, 17th and 18th (21 pm) and March 00th and 12th (19 pm).

“Campana” also has the particularity of taking a new circus to the Alentejo, within the scope of “Lavrar o Mira e a Lagoa”.

For Madalena Victorino, the aim is that, as has happened in Monchique, this form of artistic expression is «a success».

«It is an initiative that is also very good at this time of Carnival. It's a fabulous show, like a fable, but made without animals. They will delight everyone», he concludes.

Tickets are on sale here 


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