Loulé has already opened applications to support the Associação Cultural e Recreativo Movement

Until March 31

Applications for the Support to the Cultural and Recreational Associative Movement of the Municipality of Loulé, an instrument to help associations and clubs in the municipality in the pursuit of their activities and projects, are open until 31 March. 

This initiative is aimed at all associations and other legally constituted, non-profit institutions based in the Municipality of Loulé that carry out activities of public interest with intervention in the cultural and recreational areas.

«This is intended to be a process of transparency, rigor and impartiality, which is why criteria were defined to determine the amount to be granted to each entity, such as public utility status, history, financial balance, development of regular activity, presence of directors and or employees on a voluntary basis, contribution of the project or cultural activity to training and artistic creation, development of cultural activities with a view to inclusion, fostering the interest of children and young people in culture, development of cultural initiatives to occupy free time elderly, children and young people, development of initiatives aimed at cultural decentralization, promotion of cultural events with tourist relevance, among others», explains the municipality.



Applications must be submitted by filling in an application form (and respective attached documents), which will be made available on the Chamber, Associativism Portal, or whenever requested to the Division of Culture, Museum and Heritage, through telephone contact 289400885.

Applications must be sent electronically, to the email [email protected] , by the 31st of March.

The granting of support will be formalized through the signing of a program contract, which will take place in a public ceremony in which representatives of the associations awarded annual support will participate.

«Promoting cultural development, increasing citizen participation in the municipality of Loulé and providing cultural and recreational associations with the capacity to develop an Annual Activity Plan (creation, production and dissemination) are the main objectives of this initiative», concludes the municipality.