Silves: Detailed plan for the urbanization of the Púnica Trading Post is under public discussion

Chamber qualified the preparation of the plan as subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment

The period of prior public participation on the Detailed Plan for the Feitoria Fenícia, a new tourist development near the city of Silves, is in public consultation from today, the 7th, until the 20th of December.

«Promoting the territory’s attractiveness and competitiveness, by reinforcing the qualified tourist offer, valuing present resources, as well as the territory’s rental potential, and reinforcing the offer of sports equipment as a product with reduced seasonality, are the main objectives of drawing up this plan», says Câmara de Silves.

This period of public consultation is the result of a decision by the Chamber, dated 21 November last, which restarted the procedure for preparing the Detailed Plan for the Phoenician Trading Post, approved the respective terms of reference and the draft of the Contract for Planning, and qualified the preparation of the plan as subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment.

The deliberation was published in the Diário da República, through Notice n.º 23031/2022, of December 2, which results, according to the municipality, that the conditions have been created for the formal start of the period of public participation prior to the elaboration of that Plan.



During this period, interested parties will be able to formulate suggestions and/or present information on any issues that may be considered within the scope of the preparation of the plan.

For this purpose, the participation form must be used, to be sent to Silves City Council, Praça do Município, in Silves, or to be sent via the email address

Interested parties may also consult the decision to initiate the PPFF elaboration procedure, the terms of reference, the planning contract (draft) and the qualification of the PPFF alteration for the purposes of subjection to the Strategic Environmental Assessment at the Municipality of Silves (Division Planning and Urban Management, Spatial Planning), on the municipal website and at the headquarters of the Parish Council of Silves.

For any further clarification, you may contact the Municipality of Silves, Division of Planning and Urban Management, Territorial Planning, by telephone number 282 440 825 or by email address

This is, basically, the resumption of a project that has been contested since the beginning, due to its environmental impact. In 2014, the golf course in the same urbanization had already been subject to an Environmental Assessment, having, at that time, been the target of criticism, namely by Quercus, which drew attention to the «destruction of agricultural land» and the allocation of «34 habitats in the Natura 2000 Network🇧🇷 In the current Terms of Reference, both issues are minimized.

The development, which occupies a Tourist Development Center (NDT) defined by the Silves PDM, occupies an area of ​​approximately 85,3 hectares, «adjacent to the city of Silves, on the right bank of the River Arade, establishing a privileged relationship with the river".