Albufeira: “Play Safe Running Risks” returns to Praça dos Pescadores

On Saturday, December 3

The seventh edition of “Play Safe Running Risks” is back at Praça dos Pescadores, on the 3rd of December, between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm, with gymkhanas, a bottle cap game, rope pulling, jumping the elastic, rolling carts and walk on stilts. 

For José Carlos Rolo, mayor, it is important to promote activities aimed at families in green spaces and urban areas of the municipality, alerting to the need for children to play outside, recovering the games of yesteryear.

«Currently, children spend most of their day between four walls, at school, in the gym, in leisure activities and free time and when they get home, on the computer, mobile phone or playstation, interacting very little in person with other children and with the adults themselves», he says.

«The physical, mental and social development of the little ones needs new incentives, which essentially involve playing outdoors, stimulating creativity and promoting interaction between different generations», continues the mayor.

Cláudia Guedelha, councilor responsible for Education, corroborates the president's statement, noting that it is «an excellent opportunity to show children that it is great fun to play even without resorting to expensive toys or technologies, making the street a space to play safely, while encouraging parents to remember and share experiences about old school games".

For the councilwoman, in addition to the previously highlighted objectives, «the project aims to enhance skills such as trust, resilience and creativity».

“Play Safe Without Risks” started on March 19. The Municipality of Albufeira believes that the project contributes to promoting the sensory stimulation of children, putting them in contact with nature and the urban environment, through activities ranging from climbing trees, to traditional sack races, playing marble, monkey and spinning top, among other games organized by the family and with safety concerns assured.

The project will return next year.