Faro: walk wants to help fight discrimination in the face of mental illness

Outdoor for mental health is scheduled for October 15th

The National Federation of Rehabilitation Entities for the Mentally Ill (FNERDM) and the Algarve Mental Health Association (ASMAL) are organizing the Outdoor for mental health, which will take place on the 15th of October, as part of the World Health Day Mental.

The walk will take place along a route of about three kilometers, leaving and arriving at Jardim Manuel Bivar, starting at 10:00 am - an initiative that is being developed throughout the national territory and aims to «generate a national movement of awareness and affirmation of the rights of people with mental illness, of combating stigma, discrimination and social exclusion and has the support of the National Institute for Rehabilitation, IP», says ASMAL in a note.

The Algarve Mental Health Association also emphasizes that «the experience of having a mental illness has a very significant impact on family life, social support networks, professional performance and employment, as well as suffering from stigma, discrimination and social exclusion» and that «each of us can do small things to help break the silence of stigma» – and Outdoor for mental health «intends to be one of them».

Anyone who wants to participate in the walk can sign up until October 10 here