Student assaulted by classmate while others filmed in Estoi

The aggressor had already attacked the victim on another occasion.

Photo: DR

A student at the Poeta Emiliano da Costa Basic School, in Estoi, Faro, was assaulted by a colleague, while a group of young people watched, filmed and incited violence

The video circulates on social networks and shows the victim being beaten with slaps and punches, in an atmosphere of threats and intimidation. Some colleagues present encourage more aggression. The victim is surrounded by colleagues and leaning against the wall and asks the aggressor several times to let her go.

The case took place outside the school, on the 19th, but the suspect had already attacked her classmate inside, and was, at the time, suspended. The aggressor is in the 9th grade, the victim in the 8th. Both are 14 years old.


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