Guadiana Weekend «was a success» with two hundred participants

It was a «strategic journey to boost and enhance the economy of the river and its entrepreneurs»

Boat and kayak trips, a saline spa, as well as more adrenaline-fueled experiences, such as zip-lining, flyboard and gyrocopter, were some of the experiences responsible for the success of the Guadiana Weekend, which took place on the 10th and 11th of September, on the edge of «Grande Rio do Sul», in an organization of the hated.

It was a unique initiative that brought together different tourist experiences in an authentic dynamism of open doors for the entire population. About two hundred participants attended.

Classified as a «strategic journey to boost and enhance the economy of the river and its entrepreneurs», eight different experiences were available: from the relaxing saline spa, the promotional boat trips, the adventurous jeep tours, the kayaks for amateurs and more professional, the zip-line crossing, the innovative flyboard on the borders and the famous gyrocopter flights. The paddle surfing experience was canceled due to the high current that was felt in the river that day.

In addition to taking advantage of these experiences, in the middle of the cross-border Baixo Guadiana, this initiative also aimed to publicize the companies operating in the territory, boosting the local economy and its promotion.



This range of activities was endorsed by seven tour operators in the lower Guadiana border: Mother water, fun river, Guadiana Xtreme, Zero Limit, Rio Sul Travel, Sky XPedition e transguadian.

According to the organization, the Guadiana Weekend fully fulfilled its mission. «This weekend was a success and fulfilled all the purposes for which it set out. From the promotion of the territory, to the display of existing tourist offers, and finally, the dissemination and promotion of border tour operators who are some of the main actors in the territory of Baixo Guadiana».

The initiative, which took place on the 10th of September at the same time as the Alcoutim Festivities, came about through the «Coose Guadiana» project whose slogan sets the tone for this event: «much more than a river».

Registration was available online and limited to the number of experiences provided by the organization and with its own regulation.

This initiative was promoted by the Odiana Association, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Alcoutim, and integrated into the Choose Guadiana project, financed by the CRESC Algarve 2020 Operational Program (SIAC Qualification).