CHUA: «If we had more nurses to hire, we would»

CHUA nurse director says hospital center has already hired 62 nurses since June 1

Since June 1st, the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA) has already hired 62 nurses and has “internally developed measures to respond to needs”. The guarantee was given by Mariana Santos, nurse director of CHUA, to the Sul Informação.

“If we had more nurses to hire, we would hire them”, he said, stressing that “CHUA has made the admissions of all nurses who have shown themselves to be available”.

The clarification comes in response to the note sent this morning to newsrooms by the Regional Directorate of Faro of the Nurses Union (SEP)

in the note, the union warns that nurses are working “below the danger line”, since "the urgency of Faro would need at least 100 nurses to guarantee safety care” and only has 75, at a time when “the number of visits is around 300 per day”.

Ao Sul Informação, the CHUA nurse director confirms that, like every summer, when the population in the Algarve increases, the number of visits follows the same line and this year is no exception. Mariana Santos says, however, that “resources have been mobilized according to needs” and that “management has been carried out at the moment”.

In addition to making “the admissions of all nurses who were available”, the nurse director says that the Hospital Center has also sent an email to all nursing schools in the country informing them that hospitals in the Algarve are in need. of professionals.

According to Mariana Santos, CHUA has also been in talks with the Algarve mayors in order to arrange housing support measures so that nurses who graduate in the Algarve stay here to work.

However, the official emphasizes that, per year, only about 30 students finish their nursing degree in the Algarve region. Since this number is not enough to meet the needs, Mariana Santos adds that CHUA has been in contact with the University of the Algarve and the Algarve Regional Health Administration in order to double the number of vacancies in the nursing course.

In the note sent to newsrooms this Monday morning, the regional directorate of Faro from the SEP also accuses the CHUA of "over months" of not discussing "solution proposals with partners", however the nurse director says that "the Board of Directors has been open to talks".