Fire in São Marcos left two injured, «the entire device» remains on the ground

Relief operations commander confirmed that there was a damaged second home.

Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação

Two operatives were not seriously injured in the fight against the fire in São Marcos da Serra (Silves). the flames were dominated early in the morning of this Tuesday, July 26th, but «the entire device» will remain on the ground. As for the 82 displaced people, «some» are already returning home. 

In this morning's situation report, Richard Marques, commander of rescue operations, explained that the flames caused two injuries: a firefighter and an operative from Afocelca, a grouping of Navigator and Altri group companies that supports the fight against forest fires.

«These were minor situations, related to exhaustion, which were quickly resolved, despite the fact that the two operatives were transported to the Portimão Hospital», said Richard Marques.

As for today, it will provide “a meteorological picture very similar to that of the last few days”, and there may even be “some intensification of the wind”.


According to the captain, there are still "three hot spots: next to the A2, in Carrapateira and in tail of the fire" that will deserve the greatest attention of the operators.

Although the damage accounting is not yet closed, Richard Marques confirmed that there was a damaged second home.

"In terms of consequences, we still don't have the information: the survey will now be carried out", said the commander of relief operations. There was also the «affectation» of a vacant house.

In total, 82 people were evacuated preventively, due to this fire, from the localities of Azilheira, Corte Peral, Perna Seca, Perna Seca de Cima, Carrapateira, Corte Mourão, Corte Amarelo, Cerro da Zorra and Corte da Zorra.

“Some have already returned; others are still waiting», framed Richard Marques.


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação


Otherwise, the Sul Informação traveled the road between Boião and Azilheira, places most affected by the fire, where the trail of destruction left by the flames is great, as can be seen in the video and photos published.

Five people were also welcomed by the Municipality of Silves at the São Bartolomeu de Messines Basic School, in an Area of ​​Concentration and Support for the Population. Four have already returned home.

In the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Silves, there remains a person who was bedridden.

According to Richard Marques, during the night the «strategic plan of action outlined» was fulfilled, having witnessed «a relief mainly from one of the constraints: the humidity of the air».

“This was an exceptional fire and, in terms of the weather, it was expected to affect 6 hectares, but it will only be 1/4 of that forecast, although the accounting is not yet closed”, he added.

Both the A2 and IC1 have already been reopened to traffic.

On site, 573 remain operational, supported by 200 vehicles and six air assets, which remain in place for aftermath operations.


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação