Sculptures promote health and defend the environment on Porto de Mós beach

in Lagos

Two sculptures by Carlos de Oliveira Correia were installed on Porto de Mós beach, in Lagos, with the dual objective of beautifying this bathing area and promoting the environmental and public health aspects.

The sculpture “Iron Man, Lungs of Glass”, provided by the Portuguese Environment Agency to the municipality of Lagos, refers to “the harm of tobacco and smoking and their impacts, not only on human health but also on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, cigarette butts are the most common litter found on beaches around the world», according to the Lagos Chamber.

“Through a glass bottle, the sculpture aims to materialize the purity and fragility of the human lung in the face of the dangers of smoking, as well as raising awareness of the problem of improperly discarded cigarette butts”, adds the municipality.



The other sculpture on the beach, «known as “Goby” and also by the sculptor Carlos de Oliveira Correia, is a metal structure in the shape of a fish, which works as a “yellow ecopoint” for the deposition of waste water. plastic".

The sculpture, 1,5m high and about 2,5m long, located at one of the entrances to the beach, «has as its main objective to raise awareness and encourage tourists not to leave rubbish on the beach and put it inside the structure now implemented».

This project was implemented on the beaches of Lagos during the last bathing season «and only between the months of July and September it collected more than 200 kilos of plastic. In recent months, the sculpture has been circulating in schools in the county, with a view to raising awareness among the school community».

“GOBY – After all, what does the fish eat?” is a worldwide project created for beaches, «whose main objective is to raise awareness of the growing and alarming problem of plastic in the oceans, since forecasts point to the fact that by the year 2050 there may be more plastic than fish in the oceans» .