Alcalar's megalithic monuments stage the «and magical» night concert

June 25th at 21:30 pm

“From Pré-História à Lua Nova” is the title of the night show that Grupo Coral Adágio will perform, starting at 21:30 pm on Saturday, June 25, in the megalithic monuments of Alcalar, parish of Mexilhoeira Grande. 

In this place, next to the tombs with five millennia of history and under the moonlight, the conductor António Pereira will direct the Adágio Coral, which will perform the romantic work “Requiem Op.48”, by Gabriel Fauré, in front of the pre- -history of Alcalar.

With this concert, which has the support of the City Council through the Museum of Portimão, Grupo Coral Adágio aims to «evoke through music those who are only remembered in museums and in history books, but who existed, as equal and real as us", says the Municipality of Portimão, referring that this will be "a different show", "in a purely romantic act".

Created in September 1989 in the city of Portimão, the Coral Adágio Group currently has about three dozen members, and its artistic director is the conductor from Portimão, António Alves Alferes Pereira.