Water was the central theme of the Castro Marim Municipality Day

the 24th of June

Castro Marim celebrated the municipal holiday on the 24th of June, this year with a focus on water resources management.

At night, the stage of the Ravelin de St. António received “Voz e Violão”, by António Zambujo, in a concert that filled the amphitheater and featured a special opening by musicians Eduardo Marçal and André Ramos.

The solemn session of the Municipality Day had the special participation of the Portuguese Environment Agency, with a generic approach to the management of water resources. This session also featured a video, promoted by Águas do Algarve, on the use of water for reuse (ApR), and evidence of the work in progress that will allow the Quinta do Vale and Castro Marim Golf courses to be irrigated through of treated water from the Vila Real de Santo António WWTP.

With this permanent concern, the Municipality of Castro Marim, which also develops work in the area of ​​education, presented its most recent project to raise awareness - the children's book "Vamos Save the Dragon".

Inspired by the Odeleite Dam, known as the 'Blue Dragon', written and illustrated by young designers from Castromarin, this book tells us about the transversality of water in the agriculture, human consumption and
economic activities.

The solemn session was also marked by the distinctions of the best students, to whom the municipality awarded a trip, and the students of the Board of Value and Excellence, who were awarded vouchers of 150 euros for school and/or IT matters.

In the same scope «of commitment, commitment, effort and dedication, they were honored, for the great competence
and humility with which they have served Castro Marim», Luís Vicente, futsal coach, sports coordinator and director of União Desportiva Castromarinense, and veterinarian Mário Fernandes da Silva.

The Cegonha Branca Association was also distinguished, in the person of its leader Amadeu Chaves, for the work carried out at the Centro Infantil de Altura e Lar and Centro de Dia de Altura.

The session ended with a speech by the mayor of Castro Marim, Francisco Amaral, with words focused on the future and development of the Castro Marim territory, and he particularly thanked the honorees.

The night of the 23rd of June was, as usual, of the Grande Arraial de S. João, which took place in Praça 1º de Maio, in Castro Marim.

Animated by sardines and popular music, this Arraial also closed the XXI Mastros Contest, which every year animates the Santos Populares in the municipality, the result of hard work and delivery of clubs and local associations, which excel in making this a tradition still with plenty of life and expressiveness in the territory.

According to the Municipality of Castro Marim, this year, the commitment put into this return, «made the decision of the jury more difficult and this year's podium was shared by more associations, namely: 1st – Casa do Povo do Azinhal; 2nd -
Recreational, Cultural and Sports Association of the Amigos da Alta Mora and Clube da Junqueira; 3rd – Cultural Association of Almond Blossoms and Social Association of the Parish of Odeleite».