VRSA saved one hundred thousand euros with new smart irrigation system created in 2021

Revealed the municipality during the Seminar on Water Efficiency in the Algarve

The Intelligent Urban Irrigation System installed in 2021 by the Vila Real de Santo António City Council in various parts of the municipality will have already saved almost one hundred thousand euros and a volume of water of 145.748 cubic meters, revealed the municipality during the Seminar on Water Efficiency in Algarve, which took place on Tuesday, in Faro.

This project, which had a financing of 49.999 euros from the Environmental Fund, was applied in the landscaped spaces of Av. da República, Av. of the Portuguese Fire Brigade, Av. Minister Duarte Pacheco and the Sports Complex, in the city of VRSA, and at Av. Infante Dom Henrique, in Monte Gordo.

«With this new device, immediate management of remote irrigation controllers becomes possible, as well as the automatic interruption of irrigation in situations of high rainfall (rain)», according to the VRSA Chamber.

On the other hand, the system «allows effective monitoring of water consumption in each space, quickly identifying leaks or water losses».

«With the implementation of the system, it was also possible to carry out an irrigation plan taking into account the water needs of the plants, allowing the release of employees previously assigned to the manual irrigation service from the spaces for other services», concludes the VRSA Chamber.