Lagos: Mercado da Avenida will have conservation works

The works will force the temporary closure of some spaces

The Avenida Market, in Lagos, will be the subject of conservation works to «improve conditions for sellers and visitors». 

The works will force the temporary closure of some spaces.

With an investment of 82 thousand euros, the contract for “Execution of conservation works in the Avenida Market” will require, as of February 14, and for the foreseeable period of two weeks, the closing of the first floor intended for the sale of fruits.

For the same period, but starting on the 28th of February, it will be necessary to close the space on floor 0 for the sale of fish, and the two floors will be closed, alternately, in order to cause the least possible constraint.

Subsequently, and until the completion of the project, scheduled for the first fortnight of May, there will be a need to condition access to some spaces due to work on the facade, staircase and terrace of the building.