PS Silves wants Câmara to bet more on housing

Socialists consider that there are no 'relevant' measures in this area in the 2022 Municipal Budget

Silves PS defended that the Local Housing Strategy should be a priority and regretted that the Municipal budget for 2022 of the executive led by the CDU, already approved, «nothing appears that gives importance to housing».

"It is essential for the Executive to expand the public housing stock financed 100% by the Recovery and Resilience Plan, to end the cycle "there is no job because there is no housing and there is no housing because there is no job"", state the socialists.

The PS refers specifically to the “1º Direito” program, to which the Chamber of Silves already joined last February.

This instrument launched by the Government, «under the PRR, provides for the possibility of 100% financing in the case of new construction, rehabilitation of degraded urban areas, rehabilitation of housing».

«The Socialist Party of Silves, in a responsible and constructive opposition logic, offers itself to collaborate with the Executive, recommending the updating of the Local Housing Strategy and that it be included the rehabilitation and recovery of Bairro da Caixa d' Água, for execution under the Program for Support and Access to Housing [1st Right], as well as the drafting of the Municipal Housing Charter as a management instrument», according to the PS.

"In the same way, in the interest of transparency and the principles of public participation, we recommend the annual production of the Municipal Housing Report and the creation of the Local Housing Council, as provided for in Article 24 of the Basic Housing Law, with functions consultative bodies, whose composition reflects the composition and social organization of this municipality», he concluded.