The French film of the month is «Enorme» in the auditorium of the Portimão Museum

Partnership between the Alliance Française do Algarve and the Group of Friends of the Museum of Portimão

The comedy «Enormous», by director Sophie Letourneur, is «The French Film of the Month», to be shown next Thursday, January 27, at 21:00, in the Auditorium of the Portimão Museum.

This is the first session of this cycle in 2022, thus continuing the partnership between the Alliance Française do Algarve and the GAMP-Grupo de Amigos do Museu de Portimão.

«Enormous» (2019), starring Marina Föis and Jonathan Cohen, is a humorous reflection on the tension between motherhood and fatherhood, in these times when so-called roles traditional change.

Claire, famous pianist married to Frédéric, never wanted to have children and the couple always agreed on the matter. However, at the age of 40, Frédéric really wants to have a child. To do so, he will have to devise a strategy: sabotage his wife's contraceptive pill and wait for the baby.

Entrance is free, subject to the use of a mask, presentation of a vaccination certificate and safety rules in force.