Discharge pier at the Fishing Port of Olhão is already rehabilitated

The fishing port in Oyenne is the most important in the Algarve in terms of fish unloaded

The Secretary of State with the presidents of Docapesca and the Chamber of Olhão – Photo: Docapesca

Docapesca invested 355 thousand euros in the rehabilitation of the unloading pier at the Fishing Port of Olhão, in order to improve “the operational and safety conditions of all those involved in the activity of unloading fish, as well as the protection of the mooring of fishing vessels. fishing'.

The work was visited last week by the Secretary of State for Fisheries. In declarations to the Sul Informação, Teresa Coelho recalled that "in 2021 and 2022, an investment of around 1 million euros is planned" in the port of Olhão.

The government responsible for the sector added that this is «the fish market in the Algarve where there is the greatest volume of fish landed», being, therefore, a «very important infrastructure for the Algarve and for the country».

After the crash during the most acute phase of the pandemic, Secretary of State Teresa Coelho points out that "in terms of fish unloading, in Olhão, we already have an almost identical value to the pre-pandemic period", a situation that is repeated nationwide .

"Our objective, in all these ports, is to provide better security conditions for our fishermen, security in terms of people and goods, but also food security, in order to be able to value their product and ensure that they have better incomes" , added the ruler to our newspaper.

"Our ultimate goal is that fishermen have better incomes, better living conditions and can have their product valued," he concluded.

On the visit to the Fishing Port of Olhão, which included the inauguration of the works at the unloading dock, the Secretary of State was accompanied by Sérgio Faias, chairman of the Board of Directors of Docapesca, as well as by António Pina, mayor of Olhão, between other local and regional officials.


Photos: docapesca