Against populism, Monchique, Aljezur, Odemira and Santiago do Cacém say “No”

Show will pass through the Algarve and Alentejo

What is it to be normal? What are good people? What is freedom? What is evil? The questions may seem basic, but the answers are far from easy. Concerned with “the moment we are living in”, with the growth of populism, Giacomo Scalisi thought of a spectacle that would make us think. And so “No” was born, which premieres this Saturday, October 23, in Aljezur, but will also pass through Monchique, Odemira and Santiago do Cacém. 

The idea had been in the head of the cultural programmer for the “Lavrar o Mar” and “Lavrar o Mira ea Lagoa” projects, but only now has it seen the light of day.

“No”, explains Giacomo, is a “show for families, children and schools that talks about an essential concept: freedom”.

“We have growing populist political forces, calling into question basic concepts such as immigration. This is a spectacle that I think is important, due to the moment we are living in”, he adds.

Actresses Ana Root, Rita Rodrigues and Sofia Moura will interpret the texts, written by writer Afonso Cruz, in this show.

There will be music – with polyphonic singing – and also theatre.


Giacomo Scalisi


Ana, Rita and Sofia will tell stories, ask questions and raise questions, speaking «in an accessible and simple language».

“These are difficult topics even for parents and teachers to talk about. Therefore, it seems important to me that children can start thinking from this show», says Giacomo Scalisi.

“No” has its premiere scheduled for this Saturday, October 23, at 19 pm, at Espaço +, in Aljezur. The next day, Sunday, there is another session, but at 00 pm, in the same place.

From Aljezur, the show leaves for Santiago do Cacém, where it will have an exhibition, on the 1st of November, a public holiday, at 16 pm, at the António Chainho Municipal Auditorium.

The Casa do Povo of Alferce (Monchique) will receive “No” on 6 and 7 November, at 19 pm and 00 pm, respectively.

The show will also have several sessions for schools in Odemira.

Anyone who wants to buy tickets, which cost 3 euros, can do so here