Detainee suspected of setting fire in the vicinity of Faro

Fire could have taken on large dimensions

Photo of the fire in question, published on facebook by Corpo de Sapadores de Faro

A 58-year-old man suspected of committing a crime of forest fire, which occurred in a rural area on the outskirts of Faro, on September 4, he was detained by the Southern Directorate of the Judiciary Police.

According to the PJ, the fire "was promptly fought by the Fire Department, preventing it from spreading to homes and the adjacent forest tissue and from taking on immeasurable dimensions, given the dry weather and the existence of a vegetation cover in the place that was favorable to propagation."

The detainee will be present at the Judiciary Authority for the first judicial interrogation and for the application of coercive measures.

This fire was fought by elements of the Sapadores Fire Department of Faro and Cruz Lusa.