Luís Carito's candidacy denies official CHEGA support

Coalition says that "it is not a right-wing nor a left-wing candidacy"

The coalition «Portimão Mais Feliz», which has Luís Carito as a candidate for the Portimão Chamber, denied today, in a clarification sent to the newsrooms, that his candidacy is supported by CHEGA.

Referring to a "so-called "Open Letter" of alleged CHEGA de Portimão militants and sympathizers, calling for a vote in the "Happy Portimão" candidacy", this coalition, which comprises "a group of Portimão, whose overwhelming majority are independent », as well as the parties CDS/PP, Nós Cidadãos and Aliança, guarantees that «this expression of support did not result from any negotiation, any request, or any action of our candidacy with any structure of CHEGA».

The clarification even suggests the hypothesis that the appeal was not "even made by individuals affectionate to CHEGA", but rather being "a diversion maneuver orchestrated by another political force to make this collage".

Still, the application led by former socialist Luís Carito he says that he sees this possible support "as naturally as the expression of support from individuals who in other elections supported other parties, such as the CDU, BE, PS, PSD, or IL."

CHEGA, in fact, is also a candidate for the Portimão Chamber, having Pedro Castelo Xavier as head of the list, who was elected in the 2013 Local Elections councilor at the top of the PSD list, having later passed to the socialist ranks, thus guaranteeing absolute majority Isilda Gomes, in his first term at the head of the municipality of Portimo. Pedro Castelo Xavier, who came to be suspended from the PSD and left the party, it was after the number two on the Alliance party list, by the circle of the Algarve, in the Legislative Elections of two years ago.

In its clarification this Thursday, the coalition «Portimão Mais Feliz» says that «what unites Portimão around this candidacy, more than the party ideologies, are the ideas and projects conceived by a strong and cohesive team, of people capable, who thought about the city and its council, assessed its needs and opened up horizons for the future, in a communion of efforts between candidates, representatives and supporters».

For this reason, the candidacy that has as its leader the former socialist vice-president of the Portimonense Chamber, says it is not “a candidacy of the right, nor of the left. Its basic ideology is Portimão and its motto is to make Portimão people happier».

And he affirms that he will do so, if Luís Carito is elected, “in strict compliance with human and social values, in the protection of the dignity of the human person, in the pillars of the enlightenment underlying the republican regimes: Freedom, Equality and Fraternity”.

Therefore, the candidacy considers it to be “natural that individuals who have always abstained, independent voters, or even sympathizers and militants of other parties, see themselves in some people and proposals and decide to support this candidacy, bearing in mind that Local Elections are traditionally based more in the people than in the parties».

Furthermore, “no candidacy, in principle, can tell a citizen that they do not want to receive their vote. It would even be ridiculous to do so, as the vote is an individual and secret act», adds the clarification.