“Portimão Mais Feliz” Coalition signs electoral commitments in public session

The public session for signing the commitments will take place outdoors

The “Portimão Mais Feliz” coalition, which brings together CDS, NÓS Cidadãos and Aliança, will sign its electoral commitments this Friday, August 27, from 19 pm, at Largo 00º de Maio, in front of the City Hall, in a session public. 

According to this coalition, «the electoral commitments that shape the electoral program of the “Happy Portimão Coalition” are the result of the contributions, aspirations and aspirations of the most diverse sectors of Portimão society, transmitted to the coalition's list heads over the past few months , in work meetings, visits and informal conversations'.

The public session for signing the commitments will take place outdoors, "with the observance of all rules of social distancing and the use of individual masks".

Luís Carito, who was vice-president of the Portimão Chamber for the PS and who was involved in a case of justice, related to the Cidade do Cinema project, is the candidate for the municipality by this coalition.

On March 31, Carito submitted his "independent candidacy", at the time, supported by a "multi-party movement", including, for example, the PSD.

Only the Social Democrats reversed this decision., since the support was opposed by the District and National Political Commissions.

Later, the PSD even presented another candidate: Rui André, current mayor of Monchique.