Albufeira acquires containers and litter bins powered by solar energy that compress the garbage

Equipment opened last week

Two “EcoMóvel” garbage compactors, with a capacity for a “large amount of waste”, and eight litter bins with a compaction system, all powered by solar energy, have been installed in Albufeira since the 16th.

In the case of waste compactors, they were installed in Praça dos Pescadores.
This equipment “allows the deposition of a large capacity of waste (14 m3) and is equipped with a state-of-the-art automation system”.

According to José Carlos Rolo, Mayor of the City Council, “these compactors have great versatility, since they can be easily placed in any location, working autonomously. The other big advantage is that it does not consume fossil energy, that is, it does not contribute to CO2 emissions».

As for the solar-powered litter bins, they were placed on the same day, in the so-called “downtown” of Albufeira, on Avenida Sá Carneiro and in the area surrounding the Paços do Concelho.



These bins have a compaction system, thus increasing their capacity and optimizing the collection circuits.

"We can say that it is an interactive equipment, as it allows us to know the state they are in, avoiding what no one likes to see, which are the bins in the public space overflowing with packaging and other waste", says the mayor.

This is "an innovative and pioneering solution, as these equipments are equipped with an artificial intelligence module that informs Municipal Services, via internet and SMS message, about the rate of accumulation of waste, mobility and operating status, between other data”, stresses, for its part, the Municipality of Albufeira.

In the future, José Carlos Rolo intends to place similar equipment throughout the city and parishes of the municipality.

“Right now, it's an expensive solution and times aren't easy, but the future passes here. After all, using the excellent energy we have from the sun, this solution will translate into not only environmental benefits, but also economic benefits in the short term. We are truly committed to reducing the so-called ecological footprint and we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to ensure a healthy environment in Albufeira», concluded the mayor.


Photos: Albufeira Town Hall