Order launches first edition of Regional Architecture Award

Applications are open until June 30th

The Algarve Regional Section of the Ordem dos Arquitetos will promote the 1st edition of the Regional Architecture Award. The annual award will distinguish the best proposal presented in each of the categories, which will be selected by a renewed jury in each edition.

The prize will be awarded in the categories of Single-Family or Bi-Family Housing (private or public work to create a new building, alteration or expansion, with housing function for up to two dwellings), Collective Housing (private or public work to create a new building, alteration or expansion , with a predominantly residential function - more than 50% of the construction area -, with more than two dwellings), Equipment, Services and Industry (private or public work for the creation of a new building, alteration or expansion, with a predominantly non-housing function - more 50% of the construction area), Heritage and Rehabilitation (private or public work for the rehabilitation of classified heritage, in the context of housing, equipment, services or industry) and Architecture and Landscape (private or public work, with a strong integration and relationship with the landscape).

Applications must be sent to the email algarve.geral@orderemdosarquitectos.org, according to the regulation, until 16 pm on the 00th of June.

On World Architecture Day, a public ceremony will be held for the presentation of all the projects in the competition and the winners will be announced.

Within the scope of this award, adds the Ordem dos Arquitetos, «exhibitions, conferences and public presentations will be prepared, helping to create and disseminate architectural, cultural and built heritage references, involving municipal and regional entities and naturally arousing interest throughout society bringing it closer to the values ​​of architecture».