Workers at the Aljezur City Council will receive a supplement for hardship and unhealthy conditions

Subsidy is intended for workers whose duties entail health risks

The Council of Aljezur wants to allocate a supplement for hardship and unhealthy conditions to workers in the Council whose functions entail health risks and is already preparing a proposal to that effect.

This measure will cover «the jobs of the general career of operational assistant, whose characterization implies the exercise of functions in conditions of difficult and unhealthy conditions with regard to the areas of waste collection and treatment and effluent treatment, urban hygiene, sanitation , procedures for burials, exhumations, relocations, opening and backfilling of graves resulting in a proven functional overload that enhances the increased probability of injury or a potential aggravated risk of deterioration in the state of health», described the Chamber of Aljezur.

The Aljezurense autarchy has already met with the regional directors of the two unions representing workers, SINTAP and STAL, in order to «prepare the proposal for the attribution of the supplement for hardship and unhealthy conditions», which will be discussed and voted on at a Chamber meeting.

The allocation of this subsidy "was finally included in the State Budget for 2021" and introduces "some justice, as municipal workers were legally unable to earn a supplement that private sector workers, with equal functions, received", according to the municipal executive from Aljezurense.

In this way, the attribution of this salary supplement “was, for a long time, a demand of workers and unions”.