food from Faro already have new installations

Currently, Refood Faro already supports more than 300 people in the county

The Food of Faro already have new installations. The lending protocol was signed this Monday, March 22, between Rogério Bacalhau, president of the City Council, and coordinator Paula Matias. 

This new space, located at Rua de Santo António do Alto, was acquired by the Municipality in December 2020 with the aim of creating better conditions for Refood to Faro can develop support for its users and be able to increase the capacity to help and respond socially to the municipality's population, through the collection and redistribution of food products to people in need.

Currently, Refood Faro it already supports more than 300 people in the county, including around 100 children, having reached its capacity to help the population due to the small size of the previous operations center, in operation since 2016, which did not allow for an increase in capacity. storage of food products and a greater number of volunteers at the same time.



In this sense, the Municipality agreed to this association's request for support to allocate a space with the necessary conditions to help a greater number of people in the municipality.

The autonomous fraction, now owned by the autarchy and ceded to Refood for a period of five years, has an area of ​​130,30 square meters and will function as the institution's operational, logistical and administrative base. The current facilities, with less than half the area of ​​the new ones, located downtown, will be maintained to support some families.

In a press release, the Municipality of Faro explains that, "in view of the crisis caused by the effects of the pandemic, it is urgent to guarantee support to entities that guarantee social responses and the implementation of measures that guarantee greater inclusion and needy families."



In this sense, the «municipal authority hopes that the facilities provided can guarantee an improvement in the operation of Refood, also making it possible to alleviate the situations of need of a greater number of people in the municipality».

The act of signing the protocols was also attended by Carlos Baía, councilor of the Chamber responsible for Social Development, and Carlos Reis, vice-coordinator of Refood.