Folar Fair of São Marcos da Serra will be in digital format

There will be cultural entertainment on social networks in the municipality of Silves

The XXIII edition of the São Marcos da Serra Folar Fair will take place between March 29 and April 4, in digital format, «adapting itself to the pandemic situation».

This fair, «dedicated to celebrating Folar in its most different forms and flavors, and the most traditional products of the region» will join the online platform Commercial Silves producers and artisans, who can exhibit and sell their products. This platform is also available on the City Council website.

«In addition to the tasty and traditional Algarve cakes, the most varied gastronomic and artistic products will be presented, created by the best producers and artisans in the region», highlights the Chamber of Silves.

The commercial aspect, during the entire Easter weekend, is joined by cultural activities, with proposals from the Municipality of Silves at the your social networks, between the 2nd and 4th of April.

São Marcos da Serra is a parish in the municipality of Silves, «known for its mountainous characteristics and for the manufacture of bread and “Folar”, the most traditional Easter “cake”, which complements any table with its scent of cinnamon and herb -sweet, decorated with whole eggs and made from a leavened dough with baker's yeast», adds the City Council.

The Municipality of Silves «invites everyone to enjoy the delicacies that the São Marcos da Serra Folar Fair has always offered throughout these twenty-three editions, this year in a different but equally tasty way».


April 2nd (Friday)

12:30 pm – Masterchef Senior Online – Folar

18:00 – Musical Animation – Fole'Percussion

April 3rd (Saturday)

11:30 am – Memory video of other editions of the Folar Fair

18:00 – Musical Animation – Marco António Mamede

April 4th (Sunday)

18:00 – Musical Animation – Déjà Vu Band