8,8 million from the PO Algarve support research centers at the Algarve Biomedical Center

The two projects are part of the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest, being part of the Portuguese networks of clinical academic centers and advanced clinical research infrastructures

The Algarve's Operational Program (OP) will support 8,8 million euros, two applications presented by the Association for the Development of the Algarve's Biomedical Research and Training Center (AD-ABC). At its last meeting, the PO CRESC Algarve 2020 Management Committee approved these candidacies, considered as «a differentiating and qualifying investment in the region».

The larger project, presented in partnership with the University Hospital Center of the Algarve (CHUA) and called PtCAC CRE-ABC, is part of the National Network of Clinical Academic Centers and aims to build the Research Center of Excellence of the Academic Center for Research and Algarve Biomedical Training, which aims to enhance the cooperation of a set of multidisciplinary skills with a high impact on scientific production.

The goal is to empower the infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology that allows researchers and physicians to develop collaborations and new clinical knowledge.

East Research Center to be built in Loulé, also counting as an “innovative partnership with the local Municipality.

This ABC candidacy encompasses the creation of six multidisciplinary units: Banco de Soro – Seroteca; Public Bank of Umbilical Cord Cells; BioBank; Entomological Research Center; Advanced Research Unit in Computed Tomography; and Clinical Genetics Laboratory.

In global terms, the planned investment is budgeted at 5,4 million euros, 70% financed by European funds.

The second project is the Algarve Center for Advanced Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Management (PtCRIN – CIC Algarve), which aims to develop, in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner, a set of infrastructures and resources aimed at promoting national and international cooperation in clinical research, as well as increasing the quality of research and therapeutic innovation for the benefit of patients, citizens and healthcare systems.

The focus of multidisciplinary action will be in the areas of neuroscience, oncology and cardiovascular.

PtCRIN – CIC Algarve presents as a differentiating and innovative element the complementarity of research with clinical practice, which will provide researchers with access, in the same infrastructure, to the Experimental Surgery Center, allowing to test and develop research projects of a clinical nature, namely in the surgical and intensive care areas.

The total value of the planned investment is of the order of 3,4 million euros, 70% co-funded by European funds, managed by the Algarve Operational Program, totaling around 6,2 million euros in incentives, coming from the ERDF – European Fund of Regional Development.

«Both projects are strongly aligned with the Regional Innovation and Research Strategy for the Specialization of the Algarve (RIS 3 Algarve), namely in the domain of specialization in Health and Well-Being, having been considered as an “investment within the lines of action , in the priority activities and that respond to the sectoral weaknesses”», stresses the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development in a press release.

The two projects are part of the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest (RNIE), being part of the Portuguese networks of clinical academic centers (PtCAC) and advanced clinical research infrastructure (PtCRIN), ensuring the transfer of services from institutions of national character in the area of ​​health, such as the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation and the National Institute of Health Doctor Ricardo Jorge, for the Algarve.

The ABC – Algarve Biomedical Center is a partnership between CHUA and the University of Algarve, whose main mission is to create, transmit and spread a culture of research and development, contributing to train highly qualified and differentiated professionals.




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