Covid-19: Parents with children up to the 1st cycle will be able to choose between telework and family support

Changes will be discussed at the Council of Ministers on Thursday

Parents with children at school until the end of the 1st cycle and single-parent families will be able to choose between being telecommuting or receiving family support, said the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security today.

In a press conference after the Social Concert meeting, Ana Mendes Godinho said that there will be “three situations” in which this option [family support] will be possible, one of which being the case of single parents, that of parents who have children “until the end of the first cycle” and families “in which a dependent person with a disability equal to or greater than 60% disability” is in charge.

The minister explained that these changes to family support, which were in force in 2020 and which were reactivated in January due to the closing of schools, will be discussed in the Council of Ministers on Thursday and that the aim is for them to take effect " as soon as possible”.

Support currently corresponds to two thirds of the worker's basic remuneration, but Ana Mendes Godinho said that there will also be changes here: in cases where support is shared between the two parents and also in single parents, the support will be 100% .

Ana Mendes Godinho explained that this change related to the sharing of support between the two parents took into account the fact that, last year, 82% of the beneficiaries of family support are women.

So far, Social Security has received 68 thousand requests for family support, while in 2020 the support reached 201 thousand families, with an impact of 83 million euros.

The exceptional support to the family, which had already been applied in the first confinement, is directed to parents of children up to the age of 12 who have to stay at home with their children due to the closure of schools.

Parents who have to miss work to provide unavoidable assistance to their dependent child or dependent are entitled to receive support corresponding to two thirds of their basic remuneration, with a minimum limit of 665 euros and a maximum limit of 1.995 euros.

Telecommuting parents are not yet covered by support, which has prompted criticism from unions, the ombudsman and parties in parliament, which have already presented legislative initiatives requiring changes.