Government and social partners discuss minimum wage for 2021 today

Currently, the national minimum wage is 635 euros

The Government and social partners are discussing today, December 9, the national minimum wage for 2021 with different perspectives, but with the certainty that the new value will come into force on January 1st.

Currently, the national minimum wage is 635 euros and the Government, which aims to reach 750 euros at the end of the legislature, has already admitted that its proposal may go beyond 659 euros.

At the end of September, the Government consulted the social partners about the increase in the national minimum wage and added that the increase for 2021 would have to be less than this year: 35 euros.

Although no specific amount was discussed at the time, employers' confederations contested the increase in the national minimum wage, arguing with the economic difficulties that companies are going through due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

UGT advocates an increase of 35 euros and CGTP claims an increase to 850 euros in the short term.

In mid-October, the prime minister publicly referred to the possibility of an increase in the national minimum wage of €23,75, corresponding to the average increase over the last five years, which would set this remuneration at €658,75.

The Government has the competence to set the annual value of the national minimum wage, after listening to the social partners.

On the agenda for the meeting of the Permanent Commission for Social Coordination (CPCS) today is also the preparation of the European Council on the 10th and 11th.

The Government and the social partners will also discuss “other issues” at CPCS.

The meeting will be held by videoconference, with the participation of members of the Government in person.