The day Marcelo planted an olive tree, played petanque and took a few selfies

  “Tell me which shovel you choose? Right or left? The president is more from […]


“Tell me which shovel you choose? Right or left? The President is more on the left, I'm the one on the right», the President of the Republic said, with a smile that could be seen under his mask, when, this afternoon, at the Centro Escolar de Budens (Vila do Bispo), he was preparing to finish planting an olive tree, halfway through with the aedile Adelino Soares.

This was the 16th and last visit by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to the Algarve, since early July, to help the region, its mayors and businessmen to overcome the darkest crisis they have ever experienced. The cycle of presidential visits began at one end of the Algarve, in Vila Real de Santo António, and ended today at the other, in Vila do Bispo.

During the afternoon of this Saturday, October 17th, the head of State, with the mayor Adelino Soares as host, visited in detail the modern School Center of Budens, where he signed the municipality's book of honor and then got his hands and shoes dirty. , spade in hand, covering a hole next to a freshly planted olive tree.

Next, Marcelo went down the street and visited the Home for the Elderly of Budens, where he was received by Armindo Vicente, provider of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Vila do Bispo. From a balcony, the President spoke and waved to the elderly, who were outside, in the institution's garden, duly distanced.

The delegation then headed to Sagres, where the head of state began by visiting the Municipal Sports Pavilion, which now houses a fully equipped field hospital, prepared to go into action if the pandemic gets worse. Then, right next door, in the beautiful building of the old primary school, the new headquarters of the Clube Recreativo Infante de Sagres was inaugurated.

Across the street, a group of Portuguese and foreigners were playing petanque and the President did not resist. He went there, sat on a wall watching the moves, which he was talking to the mayor Adelino Soares. In the end, he took one of the balls and tried his skill too.

Then, before heading to Vila do Bispo, where, at 20 pm, the 00th and final dinner of the President of the Republic with the mayors of the Algarve was scheduled, Marcelo also went to a pastry shop in Largo da Mareta for a snack.

Through all this, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa talked to children, took selfies and pose photographs, and he distributed elbows and words of sympathy to those he met on the streets.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação




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