Kitesurfer who was adrift rescued by Salva-Vidas de Quarteira

The kitesurfer was transported to Loulé Velho beach, and it was not necessary to provide medical assistance

A 42-year-old Portuguese kite surfer was rescued this Monday afternoon, August 31, by the Quarteira lifeguard because he was adrift, 300 meters off the coast, in front of Loulé Velho beach. 

The situation happened due to the «break in wind intensity».

​The alert was given by a concessionaire, and the semi-rigid vessel at the Quarteira Lifeguard Station was immediately activated.

The man was "well physically", having "proceeded to the rescue and collection of material that was in the water".

The kite surfer was transported to the beach at Loulé Velho, and it was not necessary to provide medical assistance.