Maritime Authority takes a Spanish sailboat off the beach in Vilamoura

Boat engine stopped after a cable got tangled in the propeller

A Spanish sailboat that ran aground in front of Vilamoura beach, this Wednesday, around 15:00, was helped and taken to the local Marina by the Maritime Police and by the vessel from the Quarteira Salva-Vidas Station.

According to the National Maritime Authority (AMN), a cable from the Spanish sailboat got tangled up in the propeller, "causing the engine to stop".

This led to the boat beginning to "fall ashore", eventually running aground.

«The high-speed vessel of the Local Command of the Maritime Police of Faro and the boat from the Quarteira Lifeguard Station which, together, ungrounded the 13-metre long sailboat», added AMN.

Although the sailboat's crew were doing well, "as no medical assistance was needed", the Maritime Police towed the sailboat to the Vilamoura marina, "for the sake of the safety of the crew and the navigation in the place".


Photos: National Maritime Authority