A group of agricultural workers is quarantined in a tourist village in Cabanas de Tavira

All were subject to clinical evaluation by the Health Center

Cabanas de Tavira – file photo

56 agricultural workers, "who moved mostly from Castro Marim", while the remaining 10 came from Costa Vicentina", were accommodated yesterday, the 6th, by their employer, in a tourist village in Cabanas de Tavira, he has just announced , in a statement published on Facebook, the Mayor of Tavira.

Ana Paula Martins adds that "all elements of the group were identified by the GNR and, to safeguard them and the population, were subject to clinical evaluation by the Health Center."

As for the "workers who came from outside the Algarve region will be, as a precaution and despite not showing symptoms, tested to screen Covid-19".

In her statement, which is intended to "enlighten the population of Tavira", the mayor also says that, "unlike the group from Cruz do Areal», this group of 56 workers has a "contractual relationship" with their employer and is being "duly monitored" by the company.

Furthermore, "none of the elements presented, at the time, any symptomatology related to the new coronavirus".

Ana Paula Martins emphasizes that “it is our intention to keep the population of Tavira informed, but we appeal for calm and common sense, so that situations that may cause even more instability are not generalized than the one that, through this context, we are experiencing and that we have to, forcibly, deal with on a daily basis».

The Municipal Civil Protection Commission of Tavira is developing «every effort so that the impact of this pandemic in our municipality is minimized», meeting «frequently, analyzing case by case and operationalizing the action strategy so that we can respond to this fight, which no one expected, but which together we are fighting».

"Together we are stronger. Each one in his role, we are always acting in the awareness that what we are deciding and executing is the most suitable for all Tavirenses, as well as for those who are not from our municipality, who are in our area of ​​jurisdiction. We play our role. Do yours, staying at home and keeping calm!” concludes the president Ana Paula Martins, in the statement that has just been published on Facebook from the Municipality of Tavira.



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