Nurseries may reopen in May

Face-to-face assistance in the public sector may also return next month

The reopening of day care centers and the return of face-to-face care in public administration services could happen as early as May, said António Costa, prime minister, today, at the end of the debate in parliament on the request for authorization by the President of the Republic to extend the state of emergency .

The executive's leader argued that it is now necessary to start defining the priorities of what the pace should be in terms of alleviating the existing social pressure in terms of restrictions on movement and economic activity.

In this context, António Costa said he hopes that, in May, it will be possible “to reopen the crèches, which are essential to support families and to prevent many families from losing income, or having an increased effort because they are teleworking”.

“I would like very much that, at least in the beach/country period, preschool children could get back together, because it is very important for their education”, completed the prime minister.

António Costa then supported the thesis that the example of confidence in the reopening of work activity should be given “through the public administration”.

“During May, we have to start re-establishing the face-to-face service in the public administration services and putting an end to the suspension of procedural and procedural deadlines. The public administration must itself transmit the necessary confidence to the citizens that we can go back to our normal pace of life”, he stressed.