Algarve 2020 extends deadlines for submitting applications to the Incentive System

The deadline has been extended to four notices

The CRESC Algarve 2020 Operational Program extended the deadlines for submitting applications to the system of incentives to companies – Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship and to individual projects of Productive Innovation, «considering the epidemiological situation resulting from the new coronavirus».

In global terms, CRESC Algarve 2020 maintains 29 open notices with several deadlines for the submission of candidacies, in the global amount of 42,2 million euros, having extended the period initially foreseen for those that ended in April, namely Notice No. 09/SI/2020: System of Incentives for Companies Projects Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship and the Notice No. 07/SI/2020: Productive Innovation Incentive System Individual Projects.

At the same time, «a guidance for applications already approved or with payment deadlines in progress, within the scope of the Business Incentive Systems, allowing to support the treasury of companies, creating conditions to accelerate payments, defer amortization of subsidies and allow the eligibility of expenses proven to be supported by beneficiaries in initiatives canceled or postponed for reasons related to COVID-19», explains CCDR Algarve.