Union says the urgency of Faro will be without surgeons, CHUA denies

Health issues continue to iron and fire...

The Independent Union of Physicians (SIM) says that the urgency of the Hospital Faro will be without surgeons from 20pm this Monday, December 00th. The University Hospital Center of the Algarve (CHUA) guarantees that the emergency stopover…«is assured» both in Faro, as in Portimão. 

Earlier this afternoon, SIM issued a note, in which it stated that the urgency of Faro would be without surgeons.

"The exhaustion and demotivation" of professionals, "which led to the manifestation of unavailability of emergency departments announced at the end of last week, now joins the revolt triggered by the boastful statements of Minister Marta Temido to the media denying the lack of doctors" , said the note.

Now, after a few hours, and after a request for clarification from the Sul Informação, the Board of Directors of CHUA issued a note to "reassure the population", assuring that the urgent scale "is assured".

This is due to a "joint solution between surgeons on the board and surgeons, who through other contract schemes, have been working with CHUA for some years," he explains. In other words: between staff professionals and workers or service providers.

In the same note, the administration of the University Hospital Center of the Algarve says that it is «committed and working together with the professionals and the respective teams of General Surgery of the Hospital Unit of Faro in order to find the best solutions».

The objective is to "guarantee a response at a regional level, because only with the commitment and collaboration between everyone - doctors on the staff and medical service providers - we have managed to guarantee an uninterrupted service every day of the year", he adds.

It is certain that health issues are at stake in the Algarve. Last Thursday, December 5th, the surgical heads of Faro came out in public to say that will no longer bank in the emergency room from January 1st.

Then, on Friday, statements by Marta Temido, Minister of Health, assuring that “there is no shortage of doctors” in the Algarve and that the problems are due to staff organisation.