Olhão swimmers highlighted on the Guadiana crossing

Ohão swimmers were in 2nd and 3rd position

Two swimmers from Olhão took the podium of the “International Swimming Crossing of the River Guadiana” event, which took place on Saturday, between Ayamonte and Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA).

Ângelo Nascimento and Hugo Viegas, both from the Olhão Swimming Club, were 2nd and 3rd overall, respectively. First place was guaranteed by Gonçalo Bárbara, from Clube Natação Rio Maior.

For clubs, the winner was Club Natacion Sevilla.

The “International Swimming Crossing of the Guadiana River” is jointly organized by the Associação Naval do Guadiana, the Clube Náutico de Isla Canela and the Patronato Municipal de Deportes de Ayamonte.

This is one of the four cross-border competitions that ANG organizes annually in partnership with these entities and with the support of the Ayuntamiento de Ayamonte and the Municipality of Alcoutim.

On the 28th of September the XNUMXth International Canoeing Regatta on the River Guadiana will take place between the towns of Vila Real de Santo António and Alcoutim.


Photos: Guadiana Naval Association