Fish sculpture invites you to deposit plastics on the Ilha de Tavira beach

Sculpture will be inaugurated this Thursday

A metal mesh sculpture, in the shape of a fish and destined to deposit plastic waste inside, will be installed tomorrow, August 8th, in Ilha de Tavira.

The large-scale sculpture is a gift from the sculptor Carlos de Oliveira Correia to Taviraverde.

The structure will be installed next to the beach access walkway, existing in the restaurant area, and aims to «raise awareness of the problem of plastic in people's daily lives», explains Taviraverde.

"An alarming UN data tells us that if we don't change the plastic paradigm, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish and that annually plastics in the oceans kill more than 1 million birds and marine animals," the company adds. municipal.