Algarve forest sappers certified to fight fires

Trainees form sapper teams from various municipalities in the Algarve

This Wednesday, 30 forest sappers from different municipalities received Training Certificates in different areas related to fire prevention and firefighting.

Members of the Sapadores Florestais Teams from São Brás de Alportel, Portimão, Silves, Vila Real de Santo António, Team from the Civil Protection Service of Loulé, Team from the National Corps of Forestry Agents of Monte Gordo – ICNF and ASPAFLOBAL received training from the Employment and Professional Training Institute.

In 2019, the Employment and Professional Training Center of Faro hosted the certified modular training actions “Fire extinguishing operations”, “Sapadores Florestais equipment and vehicles” and “Maintenance of forest spaces and preventive forestry”, which involved a total of 30 trainees.

This training offer arose within the scope of a protocol signed on 4 November 2009, between the IEFP and the National Forestry Authority – current Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) -, «with the objective of implementing the necessary training to the development of the activity of Sapador Florestal», according to the institute.

According to Fátima Cortes, the director of the Employment and Professional Training Center of Faro, the IEFP, the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority and the ICNF will formalize «a protocol with a view to developing an even broader range of training actions in the area of ​​fire prevention and combat».


Photos: IEFP